The day my dreams took flight

My favourite thing to do is to go to where I have never been!


As long as I can remember I have dreamt of flying gracefully above the earth, experiencing what it must feel like to be a bird – the peace and tranquility as they soar above the earth.

In August we eventually had our chance, we booked our flight with AirVentures and spent the the night before at Glenburn Lodge – making it a truly memorable experience as this is where Wayne and I got married a few months ago!

We arrived nice and early at Kloofzicht Lodge which is where we were launching from before sunrise. I was feeling a bit anxious as Wayne hates heights – so in the back of my mind I was wondering how we were going to conquer this one. But guess what… for someone whose knees quiver when we look over any drop, my husband never felt insecure or afraid once through the flight.

We were welcomed in the reception by the flight crew and prepared ourselves for our once in a life time opportunity. We soon headed out to the fields in front of the lodge where the ground crew were already setting up the balloon, it felt like eternity as we stood there waiting for the hot air balloon to inflate and take shape as it lifted from the ground.

Soon enough we were in the basket and receiving our safety briefing – the landing was going to be the tricky part, but at the time all I wanted to do was get up in the air and we could worry about landing later (which I can tell you was so smooth we ended up landing directly on the back of the trailer).

Slowly we left the earth – it was truly as if we were floating on a cloud. We were gliding gently on the air currents. As we climbed higher and higher it became ever more peaceful and so quiet, with the only sound being the intermittent blasts of the gas-burner firing.

Slowly the sun started peeking over the horizon, it was breathtakingly beautiful… beyond mesmerizing! I finally had the chance to experience the earth as the birds do… soaring above, catching the air currents and appreciating the sheer beauty of the rolling landscapes from the skies above. The views were endless as we drifted over the Cradle of Humankind which is situated near Johannesburg.

The whole flight was an overwhelming experience and totally magical… we tried to take it all in and capture the moment at the same time.

AirVentures offer an experience that words can’t actually begin to explain – it’s a bucket list experience that needs to be ticked again!