“Hi. I’m Karin, I work for an amazing entertainment and hospitality company and my key focus is Digital Marketing. My husband, Wayne lives, breathes and rides dirt bikes. He races regionally and nationally throughout South Africa.

We live in Fourways, Sandton – a total rate race and are both extremely busy with our day to day lives, so making time together is often challenging! When we have the opportunity we love to bring a little adventure into our lives – sometimes it’s a day out exploring to try something new, a weekend getaway and when we can there is nothing like hitting the road somewhere new!

We seek out all things special to do together, giving us the time to re-connect properly on our journey – We enjoy the outdoors, places unique, adventurous and fun – the kinds of places and experiences you want to share.

So this is the reason I have started this blog – a place to share our stories and capture our memories along the way. Things we love, and that you can expect to read about on here, include: special places we have experienced; mountains; bush trips, day trips or just us enjoying life.

I could also tend share some of my personal journey along the way, as this blog is all about life, my job, my husband (including his passion for riding) and staying connected! #FarmerAdventures

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